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Meet Our Pastor


Our Host Pastor

Rev. Ewart Watson

Pastor Ewart Watson was born in the parish of St. Thomas and grew up in St. Mary where he attended the Rowlansfield and Malborough All-Age schools respectively.

At the age of 17 years, Pastor Ewart Watson accepted the Lord and started his sipritual journey at Hopewell Gospel Assembly in St. Mary.  After relocating to Kingston in 1971, he joined the Calvary Gospel Assembly and after six years, he transferred to Arlene Gardens in 1977 where he became an Elder.  He took up the mantle of Pastorate in 1988, becoming the fourth Pastor to lead the flock at Arlene Gardens Gospel Assembly.


A Faithful Husband & Good Father

Pastor Watson has been married to first lady Dawn for 43 years. The union produced three wonderful children: Rochelle, Andrew and Jody-Ann and two grandchildren.

A mighty man of God and a firm believer in the Word.  He is passionate about the work of the Lord and his desire is to see God’s people truly devote themselves to the service of the Lord and live a life that truly honors God.

His favourite bible verse: “He has filled the hungry with good things but has sent the rich away empty” (Luke 1:53).


A True Leader

Pastor Watson’s style of leadership is an inclusive one that ensures that potential leaders develop their skills.  This has redounded well for the church as a cadre of very capable leaders have been produced over the years.

Although Pastor Watson is not a charismatic or flamboyant minister, the Lord is using him in his quiet, patient, humble and steadfast manner.  The church has grown numerically, materially, and spiritually under his charge.

Bright possibilities mark the future for Arlene Gardens.  His history is one of great achievement mixed with periodic misfortunes.  Arlene Gardens has survived where other churches, organizations and institutions have failed. To God be the Glory.

Pastor Ewart's Work

His belief in the training of the laity is further evidenced in his introduction of a discipleship class, which he himself conducted for several years on Sunday mornings. This class targets maturing Christians with leadership potentials/abilities and pours into them an intense course of study that covers the gamut of disciple formation, ministry skills such as personal evangelism, teaching and preaching.  The intention is to make each Christian a functional and effective minister.

It was under his leadership that the church purchased the dilapidated ruins of 114 Molynes Road that has now become a valuable asset of the Associated Gospel Assemblies.  He was also instrumental in the expansion of the sanctuary.

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