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About Our Church

Arlene Gardens Gospel Assembly

Our Mission Statement

Arlene Gardens Gospel Assembly exists for the exclusive worship of Almighty God, fellowship, edification, equipping of believers for service in the ministry and propagation of the gospel of Jesus Christ by calling sinners to repentance and faith in Christ through every Godly medium suitable for achieving this goal.

Our History

Arlene Gardens Gospel Assembly

The founding of Arlene Gardens Gospel Assembly is a tribute to the understanding that “without a vision, the people perish.”  The impact and contribution of this founder’s vision can hardly be overstated.  Pastor Curtis Cole (former pastor of Calvary Gospel Assembly) was the man of vision and of wisdom, who was used by God to bring to birth what we know today.  Arlene Gardens Gospel Assembly stands as just one instance of testimony of great and God-honouring foresight for which PASTOR Cole was well known.


Arlene Gardens Gospel Assembly 

Our Leaders


Our history continues

At the outset, the lot of the land at 112 Molynes Road along with drawings for the erection of a chapel, was bought from an American missionary, the Rev. George Dougherty.  Pastor Cole who was a builder by trade, had helped his friend Rev. Dougherty in the design and preparation of the plans as Rev. Dougherty had experienced difficulties initially in getting the plans approved.  When it turned out that Rev. Dougherty had to return to the United States, it was both natural and providential that he offered the property and drawings first to Pastor Cole.

More About Us

Unknown at the time to Pastor Cole or to the leadership of Calvary under whose responsibility the project at Arlene Gardens would fall, there was a dear saint of God, Mrs. Pearl Fowler who was praying that the house she lived in at 49 Woodlawn Avenue would become a house of prayer for God’s people.  The house was owned by her son-in-law, and when he decided to sell, Sis Fowler, a member of Rehoboth Gospel Assembly, was able to introduce the property to Pastor Cole who arranged for the purchase.  With God’s provision, Pastor Albert Karram was instrumental in the acquisition of the property.  He contributed the deposit on Woodlawn Avenue which was twenty thousand dollars ($20,000.00).

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