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Mark Williams

Deacon/Treasurer - Arlene Gardens Gospel Assembly

Mark Williams

Mark Williams has been an ardent member of Arlene Gardens Gospel Assembly for almost 30 years. His involvement in the church started out as being President of the Youth Ministry in the early years of his conversion. Dea. Williams is passionate about the work of the Lord. His passion and enthusiasm coupled with his strong leadership qualities have led him to serve in his current capacity as a Deacon and Treasurer for over 20 years. He also serves as a Sunday School teacher to the adult females in the church.

He holds the position as Chief Executive Officer at Kingston Wharves and serves as the Treasurer on the Board of the Jamaica Youth for Christ. Dea Williams has a benevolent disposition with a heart for the needy, both within the local church and the wider community.
Dea. Williams has been married to Michelle for 28 years. Their union has produced two beautiful daughters and a granddaughter.

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