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Former Pastor Ewart Watson

Former Pastor - Arlene Gardens Gospel Assembly

Former Pastor Ewart Watson

Pastor Watson accepted the Lord as his personal Saviour in his late teens. Ever since, he has maintained a steadfast focus in living the Christian life. While many of his peers who started out the Christian pilgrimage along with him no longer walk on that journey, he has remained focused on the Lord Jesus Christ- looking unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of his faith (Heb. 12: 2).

Pastor Watson had a desire in his early Christian experience to preach the word of God and would sometimes preach in the field to the trees. He eventually attended the Jamaica Bible College in 1973 and graduated in 1977. It was there the desire for the pastorate grew on him. After graduation, he became involved in the ministry of Arlene Gardens Gospel Assembly where he served as Bible Class Teacher, Deacon and Elder. He was ordained as pastor in 1988.

Recognizing his need for further training, he resigned his job at Jamaica Broilers in 1990 and embarked on a course of study at the Jamaica Theological Seminary in that said year. Four years later he graduated from that institution with a bachelor’s degree in Theology. He has been serving as Pastor of the Arlene Gardens Gospel Assembly for the past thirty-three(33) years.
Pastor Watson has been married to Dawn for forty-three (43) years. Their loving union has produced three lovely children: Rochelle, Andrew and Jody-Ann. They are the proud grand-parents of four (4) grand-children.

Pastor Watson’s passion is to see the church (universal) come to maturity in Christ- having great delight in God’s word and living a holy life. One of his favourite Scripture verses is Luke 1: 53: “he has filled the hungry with good things but has sent the rich away empty.” He loves the hymns of the church- ancient and modern- and has many favourites but he especially loves “Jesus Paid it All.”
His love for the Gentleman’s Game (Cricket) is undying, even when Cricket West Indies does poorly.

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